Organizational Scheme




The Board of the Faculty of Medicine is highest decision-making body at the Faculty, and the Dean (elected by the Board on General Council proposal) is responsible to the Board. The General Council (chaired by the Dean) and Councils (chaired by respective Vice-Deans) are the supreme bodies with respect to the academic matters. Teaching, research and other services are provided by academic and non-academic staff organized in Institutes (preclinical areas) and Cathedras (Chairs: clinical areas).


Dean and Vice-Deans are responsible for the overall function of the Faculty while the Heads of institutes/cathedras carry out day-to-day organizational work at the level of a given teaching subject.


There are several faculty-level services/units that provide for specialized or cross-sectional actions of the Faculty, such as library, IT services, International Cooperation and quality enhancement. Two centers, the School of Public Health and the Center for Continuing Medical Education are providers of education in those specialized areas.