Student Board


Student Board of the English Studies is the body through which the students exercise their rights and protect their interests during their studies.


The Student Board of the English Studies is a subsection of the Student Parliament which is composed of 2 representatives from each year within the University of Belgrade - School of Medicine. Each year the Student Board selects a working committee consisting of 12 students who are elected in the winter semester.


As a group we work to maintain and further enhance student involvement in order to make university life as great as possible. We strive to advance the interests and the well-being of the Medical School and its students. We encourage you to ask questions about student activities and academic courses and voice your opinions on what you think could be improved. Each year slight improvements are made to the curriculum and the overall learning environment based upon student suggestions.


This is our simple message to you: Get involved and try and make the most of your time here at the University of Belgrade - School of Medicine. Hopefully you will all create memories that will be worth taking with you for the rest of your life.


Always catering to your interests. Always there for you.


If you have a topic you want to address, contact to add an agenda item.



Members of the Student Board for the academic year 2017/2018

First Year

Matija Bečirović

Vuk Đurđević

Second Year

Anastasija Joksimović

Nikola Krupežević

Third Year

Halla Hachemi

Natali Malešević

Fourth Year

Lara Letunica

Stefan Prlja

Fifth Year

Aleksandar Jeremić

Irena Pejčić

Sixth Year

Sava Veselinović

Sofija Conić

The President of the Student Board

Sofija Conić

The Vice-president of the Student Board

Irena Pejčić