Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee


Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC) carries out annual monitoring and review of all taught and credit-bearing courses at the BUFM.


Members of the QAEC are:


Prof.dr Aleksandar Maliković  (Department of Anatomy)

Prof.dr Aleksandra Knežević   (Department of Microbiology)

Assist. Prof.dr Marina Đelić (Department of Physiology)

Prof. dr Danijela Vučević (Department of Pathophysiology)

Assist. Prof. dr Janko Samardžić (Department of Pharmacology)

Prof.dr Biljana Obrenović Kirćanski (Department of Internal medicine)

Prof.dr Arsen Ristić (Department of Internal medicine)

Prof.dr Goran Tulić (Department of Surgery)

Prof.dr Miloš Bjelović (Department of Surgery)

Prof.dr Snežana Plešinac (Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics)

Assist. Prof.dr Jasna Zidverc Trajković (Department of Neurology)

Assist. Prof.dr Milan Latas (Department of Psychiatry)