Elective Course: Basics of Molecular Virology - Course syllabus, information about the beginning of the cours



School year 2018/2019


The on-line course Basics of molecular virology consists of 9 Lessons and a Test, and is available to students between15 April and 24 May 2019.You may access the course via the following link:




The course material(Lessons and Test)will be open to studentsin three separate phases:

1.     First five Lessons are available from 15 April until the end of the course (24th of May).

2.     The last 4 Lessons will be available from 29 April until the end of the course.

3.     The Test will be accessible from 6 May until the end of the course.

Every student can monitor her/his progress on the Progress Bar. All Lessons can be accessed multiple times after their completion, so that the student may recapitulate the course material and get ready for the Test and Final exam.

The Testis done on-line in the course itself, and its completion is compulsoryfor successfully finishing the course and gaining the signature in the Index. It will be available ONLY to students who will have successfully completed all of the Lessons. The Test consists of 16 questions, and is set for a limited amount of time (45 minutes) and attempts (5 tries are allowed). It is considered passed if the student correctly answers at least 9 questions (50% + 1 question). Passing the Test is a prerequisite for the Final exam.

The Final exam consists of two questions which need to be answered in the form of essays. The questions that can be on the Final exam are the same as the titles of the Lessons. The Final exam is taken in regular exam periods in Study Room 1 at the designated time, which will be announced in due course on the Faculty website and the Bulletin board of the Institute for microbiology and Immunology.

The signing of Indexes will be organized between the 27thand 31st of May 2019, with the precise term determined later on. The signature is given ONLY to those students who have successfully completed both the Lessons and Test!

After 24 May the course will be closed. From this point on the Test will NOT BE AVAILABLE. All of the Lessons and Test MUST BE COMPLETED before the 24th of May!


Please regularly check for new information on the Faculty website and Bulletin board of the Institute for microbiology and Immunology!

Feel free to direct any questions and suggestions to dr Marko Janković at marko.jankovic@med.bg.ac.rs.


Course director

Professor Maja Ćupić