Important Information: Colloquium Microbiology II



Colloquium Microbiology II will be held


  • First term (1st) 19.04. 2019. Amphitheater Silos, 14:00-14:45
  • Second term (1/2) 10.05.2019. Amphitheater Silos, 14:00-14:45


Important information:

- Bringing indexes to the colloquium is compulsory!

- Colloquium results will be published on the website on Tuesday 22nd April

- Results will be signed in indexes on the practical classes (Friday, May 10th) for students who passed Microbiology II colloquium/first term

 - Students who retook second year of studies (from academic 2016/2017 and  2017/2018) can retake the colloquium. On entering the amphiteater, they are obligated to apply to attending professor / assistent.

Test has 35 questions: 18 questions for passing.


Department of Microbiology