Applying to UBFM





University of Belgrade - Faculty of Medicine (UBFM) admits among the largest incoming classes of foreign medical students in Serbia.

In the next school year (2019/20), one hundred (100) spots are available for the medical programme (Medical Doctor/MD programme) in English at UBFM.





UBFM in its admission practice complies with federal non-discrimination laws relating to national origin, religion, citizenship, race, sex, age, and handicap that do not compromise professional responsibilities.

General qualifications: Qualities necessary for the successful study and practice of medicine include, among others, academic achievement, good communication skills, emotional stability, maturity, integrity, diversity of interests, leadership, and motivation. The Admissions Committee considers the quality of all academic accomplishments of each applicant, as well as extracurricular experiences that demonstrate the applicant's initiative and creativity.


Specific requirements: The qualifications required for admission to the UBFM are evidence of intellectual ability and achievement, indicated by performance in high school courses and evaluations examinations, and suitable personal qualities as to character, attitude and interest. The Medical Faculty has established technical standards so that the students who are accepted may gain maximum benefit from the educational programme. Desirable in applicants are the abilities to observe, communicate, and reason. They also should have the necessary motor skills to perform laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures. Applicant's emotional health and personal qualities such as compassion, integrity, interest, and motivation will be assessed during the application process. A prospective medical student must have a good foundation in general education, including chemistry and biomedical sciences. Course work must include the following subjects:


  • Biology (with lab)........................ 1 year
  • General chemistry (with lab)..........1 year
  • Organic chemistry (with lab)..........1year

Applicants are expected to have grades C (or equivalent) or better in all required courses. Requirements are subject to review and modification without notice.



In order to be considered for admission the following is required for all applicants at deadline time:


Application form - filled out. Application forms are available from the Office of Student Affairs and online as interactive fillable form (editable PDF)  which you can fill, print and sign.


  • Birth certificate and notarized translation into Serbian.
  • Original transcripts of all years from the High School and a High School Diploma accompanied by notarized translation into Serbian. Please note that for each document three notarized copies in total are necessary for admission - Two copies and original documents for the purpose of recognition of foreign documents submitted at Ministry of Education in Serbia, and one copy for the Faculty of Medicine, along with the certificate from the Ministry of Education stating that the nostrification process is under way, submitted at the Office of Student Affairs (Head Building, 2nd floor).
  • Photocopy of the passport (page with photo and personal data).
  • Certificate demonstrating competence in English language (Any certificate issued by foreign language Schools/Institutes for foreign languages will be accepted). Applicants from native English speaking countries are excluded from this requirement.
  • Proof of payment for the 140 EUR application fee (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs upon submission of documents).


All documents should be translated and notarized by the certified court interpreter(s) in the Republic of Serbia and must be submitted at the Office of Student Affairs during the submission of documents timeframe.


Applicants who finished High School In Serbia are excluded from any requirements that pertain to translation of documents or submission of High School documents at the Ministry of Education in Serbia.


For the registration, accepted applicants need the following:


  • Two Photographs.
  • Student's Course and Grade Book ("Index").
  • Student's Registration Form ("ŠV Obrazac")
  • Proof of payment of the tuition fee (3500 EUR) for the first semester of studies (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs).
  • Medical certificate (Students Policlinics, Krunska 57, Belgrade).
  • Compulsory health insurance per year (Nemanjina 30, Belgrade).
  • Students' visa issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs (Savska 35, Belgrade).


Please note that you can purchase both Student's Registration Form and Student's Course and Grade Book from the Faculty's bookstore ("Skriptarnica"), located in the basement section of the Head building.

Requirements are subject to review and modification without notice.

For more information, please contact:

Office of Students Affairs

Phone: (+381.11) 3636-368, 3636-370
Fax: (+381.11) 3636-368
E-mail: or





There will be two terms (two dates) for the entrance exam: the first is scheduled for the first week of July 2019, and the second for the first week of September 2019. (Please note that the applicants who did not pass the entrance exam in the first attempt are still eligible to take the second entrance exam.)

Exact dates and deadlines will be announced in due time (coming soon).





When all of the application materials have been received by UBFM, an applicant's file is reviewed by members of the Admissions Committee. It is mandatory that those applicants deemed competitive will be invited to the entrance exam and personal interview, before the Committee makes a decision on a request for admission. The entrance exam includes Biology and Chemistry test. In regard to the interview, its main purpose is to evaluate the applicant's motivation, sensitivity, interpersonal and language skills. At the entrance exam there is grading threshold for passing the examination and the minimum passing grade/mark (acceptance pass mark) is 51% (i.e. 31 points out of 60 points possible). Please note that the threshold for passing the exam in the second term of the entrance exam (held in September) may be modified based on the number of available places for studies of medicine in English at UBFM. For more information on entrance exam and interview please refer to our website at entrance exam.





UBFM has provided an online preparation programme for the entrance exam. The preparation consists of two separate courses - one for biology and another for chemistry. Both courses are tailored to the specific requirements of the entrance exam and consist of lectures, films, readings, assignments, etc. They also include practice tests which exactly follow the format of the entrance exam.


On the Preparatory Programme web page you can get further information, take a demo course, or proceed straight to registration.




Once the candidates complete the written exam and the interview, the scoring will be done and the list of candidates will be created by the Admissions Committee. As soon as possible after the interview, the list of candidates will be published at the official website of the UBFM. Applicants may also be notified of the Committee's decision by means of e-mail or postal mail (but never by telephone).





Among all candidates who passed the entrance exam, the first 100 candidates (or less based on the number of available posts at the second term of entrance examination) will be accepted to be enrolled in the first year of the studies in English. Accepted applicant may then register and submit all necessary documents at the Office of Student Affairs (for the whole list of documents needed, please refer to the Application and registration procedure).




The application fee is 140 Euros. The total tuition fee that a student pays each year depends on his or her enrolment and the tuition rate per term. Current tuition fee is 7000 Euros per each academic year, respectively. It is subject to change at the discretion of the UBFM.  




UBFM does have a program to accept students wishing to transfer from other medical schools. In general, all transfers must meet the requirements stated for general admissions. In considering applications, the Admissions Committee gives preference to candidates who present the strongest scholastic records. No student who is on probation or who has been dropped for any reason from a medical school will be considered for admission. Interviews maybe required prior to final decision.