Applying to UBFM


University of Belgrade - Faculty of Medicine (UBFM) admits among the largest incoming classes of foreign medical students in Serbia. Annually, up to 100 students enrol in one educational track.

The applicants are accepted on the basis of the results from the entrance examination (consisting of two separate tests in Chemistry and Biology and an interview) and the cumulative grade point average (GPA) from the Secondary/High school (see Admission Scoring System below).


In the next school year (2018/19), one hundred (100) spots are available for the medical programme (Medical Doctor/MD programme) in English at UBFM.




The admissions process for the studies in English at the UBFM is competitive, based on the scoring system. The maximum number of points that each candidate can get during admission procedure is 100 (equals to 100%). Out of 100 points, 60 points (60% of total score) are awarded based on the entrance examination results (see below), while the remaining 40 points (40% of total score) are awarded based on the cumulative GPA from the Secondary/High School.


Please note that all candidates must pass the entrance exam, i.e. they must have at least 31 points out of 60 possible (25 for biology test, 25 for the chemistry test and 10 for the interview). For more information on entrance exam please refer to our website at Entrance Exam.


Table. MD programme admission scoring system at the UBFM

Selection criteria

No. of questions

No. of points (%)


Biology test



Entrance exam

Chemistry test




Personal interview





Entrance exam total:


 Secondary/High school success

Cumulative GPA








Once the candidates complete the exam, the scoring will be done and the list of candidates created. Among all those who passed the entrance exam (i.e. those with at least 31 points), the first 100 candidates will be accepted and enrolled in the first year of the studies in English.