The entrance exam consists of a written part and a personal interview.


The written part includes two multiple choice questionnaires (MCQ), one that covers biology, and one that covers general and organic chemistry. Each test consists of 25 questions with one correct answer (out of four) and all questions are based on the high school educational programme (see Topics for the Entrance Exam below). Every correct answer is scored with one point, so each test can bring to an applicant up to 25 points (i.e. 25% of total score). Selected examples of questions from the previous entrance exam tests can be seen here.


Please note that the test in Chemistry for the Entrance Exam involves several questions with chemical calculations. The questions with chemical calculations cover the following topics: Solutions (concentrations of solution), Energetics and Ionic product of water, pH and pOH. Example problems can be seen here.


The personal interview is conducted by the teaching staff of the UBFM (members of the Admissions Committee). Its main purpose is to evaluate the applicant's motivation, sensitivity, and interpersonal skills, as well as his/her English language skills. It is also designed to help the interviewers develop an understanding of how prospective student views the physician's role. It can bring to an applicant up to 10 points (i.e. 10% of total score).


The language of the entrance examination and interview is English.